Jon Finley's  Biking page 

I'm primarily a "roadie".  I alternate between being VERY competitive and only recreational.

I was inspired by Lance Armstrong, and felt sure that if only I too had an oversized heart and HUGE lungs, then I could beat my younger friends up the local hills in Mesa Arizona.  Until then... I'll just have to be content in arriving shortly after they do.  :-)

I ride an R550 Scattante racing bike, originally purchased from SuperGo now Performance bike.  This has been a GREAT entry level racing bike for me.  About 19lbs (before putting heaver wheels and armadillo tires on).  I Have a racing wheelset with lighter more aero wheels and lighter tires, but for the most part run with the heavier set for most rides and training.

A week in the life for staying in shape (minimum).

Summer Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM 20 25 20 25 off 60-80 Hike
PM Spin 40min Spin 40min Spin 40min Spin 40min      


Winter Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM 22 work 25 22 work 25 off 60-80 Hike
PM 22 home Spin 40min 22 home Spin 40min      

The "fun" part of riding to and from work on M, W is that I use my MUCH Heavier Mountain Bike for the 44+ miles.  I feel a little more secure on the Mountain Bike with all the road trash and cars, plus, I don't get any flats.

Events I've ridden in:

Best Dam Bike ride, Tour de Phoenix, Tour de Tucson, Tour de Tucson Mountains, Tour de Utah (stage 4 - 300 Warriors ride - Aug 2008) and the 400 mile Semper Fi ride (Oct 2008).

300 Warriors is a 99 mile 14,000' climb (stage profile)

I'm currently training for the Injured Marine Semper Fi ride.  The Ride for Semper Fi is a 400 mile trek from Phoenix to Oceanside Calif. to Camp Pendelton.  Read more about the ride here.  Semper Fi Fund info is here.   My Semper Fi donation page.

I ride with the following groups:  Mesa Brumbys, RaceLab and HLHAP.