Windows 95

Configuration tips:      The following may assist you in creating a more stable environment for Win95 and your 16bit Windows and DOS applications.



   device=c:\windows\emm386.exe noems x=f000-f7ff x=dc00-dfff i=e000-efff






The second line (emm386.exe) contains some advanced settings:  the x=f000-f7ff entry is a memory exclusion for a CD Rom drive.  The x=dc00-dfff entry may be an exclusion for a network card (cabletron E2100).  The i=e000-efff entry is an area of memory that is usually safe to include (for loading TSR's into). If you want to verify that the e000 region is safe, use Microsoft's utility MSD.EXE to check memory.  NOTE:   Some SCSI devices want this same area, and will lock-up if the E000 region is being used.

Maintenance:         Both DOS and Windows are affected by large numbers of temporary files. These files can lead to file damage and lost clusters. Periodically delete ALL of the files within the TEMP directory (or \Windows\temp directory). After deleting these files run SCANDISK to look for and resolve file damage.