NT Workstation (3.51, 4.0)


Printing from DOS programs to a Network printer:

DOS programs may not be able to print to a logical port.  To assign or capture a Network printer to an LPT port try the following command from the command prompt:

    NET USE LPTn  \\Computer_Name\Share_name    /PERSISTENT: YES

To view Network connections from the command prompt type:


Windows NT Diagnostics:

To display system resources use Windows NT Diagnostics  (WINMSD.EXE) under Administrative Tools.  To display system resources of another computer, from the command prompt type:

    WINMSD  \\Computer_Name

To do this, you will need to have Administrator privledges on that system.

User Manager:

To be able to run User Manager on a system where you are NOT an Administrator but you know the local Administrator ID and Password do the following:  Map a drive to the Computer using "Connect As" with the ID as "Administrator".  Once the drive is mapped, you will have a connection to $IPC as the local Administrator of the Computer.  This will allow you to run User Manager as the local Administrator.