Jon's  HP-UX information page 

Compared to Microsoft's Certification program, HP's program is VERY straight forward.  Study the
class information:  51434SH3064S and H3064S then take the test.  Otherwise, there is a very good
book out  (HP Certified HP-UX System Administration) that will walk you through the essentials. 

HP Resources 

HP's Electronic Support center Release (Dart) information
HP's On-line docs Kernel parameters
HP's Education Center  Configurable Kernel Parameters
HP's Certification program   Java on HP-UX
Jon's Resources  
Recovery Shell procedure
LVM - reduce out failed disk 
POWER Failed messages  General UNIX resources 
JFS Kernel messages General UNIX reference  
Lvlnboot   UNIX Guide (cross platform)
Creating a new volume group   CERT Coordination Center